Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates to NFL Helmets

As many of you know, the NFL will have 3 teams with new or updated helmets in 2009.  I have completed the Gumball art for each of these - see attached photos.

I also completed some work on some older prototypes for teams like the Bengals and Falcons (helmets developed for use, but not used on the field for some reason), as well as some "error" helmets for teams like the Cowboys (helmets that were produced for some reason, but never actually worn - probably a production error of some type).

I also found photos of the East and West helmets worn in the final AFL All-star game in 1970, just before the merger.  This was the only time the AFL All-stars wore special helmets and I now have them in Gumball Size!

My next posts should be related to Baseball - I have completed the 2009 changes, the updates to my Negro Leagues set and am almost done with my Japanese (NPB) set.


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  1. Do you sell sets? Or do you sell kits that need to be put together? If so, how can I order some?