Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here are the NFL 2009 Photos

Here are the photos mentioned in my earlier post!

Updates to NFL Helmets

As many of you know, the NFL will have 3 teams with new or updated helmets in 2009.  I have completed the Gumball art for each of these - see attached photos.

I also completed some work on some older prototypes for teams like the Bengals and Falcons (helmets developed for use, but not used on the field for some reason), as well as some "error" helmets for teams like the Cowboys (helmets that were produced for some reason, but never actually worn - probably a production error of some type).

I also found photos of the East and West helmets worn in the final AFL All-star game in 1970, just before the merger.  This was the only time the AFL All-stars wore special helmets and I now have them in Gumball Size!

My next posts should be related to Baseball - I have completed the 2009 changes, the updates to my Negro Leagues set and am almost done with my Japanese (NPB) set.


Been Very Busy with...

It's been some time since my last post.  I have been busy with two projects (and life and work, etc.).  My biggest current project is working on a set of Japanese Leagues Baseball Caps and Helmets.  This is a huge undertaking and I hope to have the Pacific League, the Central League and many throwbacks (back to the 50's) done very soon.  That will be another post.

My second project has been the 2009 changes to Indoor Football Leagues.  The CIFL, IFL, SIFL and AIFA are done.  I am still working on the APFL.  So, here you go.  Enjoy the photos.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fantasy Football Gumball Helmets

As I continued to grow my collection of Gumball Football Helmets from the NFL to the WFL to the Arena League and beyond, I began to think about creating Fantasy Helmets.  I had often thought about how some sports logos would look on Football helmets.  What would a Los Angeles Lakers helmet look like?  How about the Edmonton Oilers?  Or the Boston Lobsters (World Team Tennis anyone?)?  Well, I took my love of custom gumball helmets to the next level and created sets for many other sports.  I also created Fantasy Helmets for various Fantasy Football League (some that I play in and some that I don't play in).  

To date, I have created Fantasy Football Helmet artwork for the following leagues:


In addition, I have completed sets for the Justice League (comic books) and the helmets from the teams in the video game "Blitz".

I have also completed a number of helmets shown in Movies, Television Shows and Commericials.  Many of these were completed with a big assist from MGHELMETS.COM.  Finally, I have done work for some fantasy football leagues and some custom work for specific collections (all New York based sports teams for example).

Shown above are a few photos of these sets.  Enjoy,



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent Hockey Project

It has been awhile since my last entry.  I have been working on a set of Minor League Hockey Helmets (Goalie Masks).  Above are a few photos of the completed sets.  So far, I have completed the following leagues, including throwback teams -

Atlantic Coast Hockey League
Southern Professional Hockey League
South East Hockey League
American Hockey League
Central Hockey League
Colonial Hockey League
East Coast Hockey League
ECHL (after the merger)
Eastern Professional Hockey League
International Hockey League (old)
United Hockey League / International Hockey League (new)
Mid-American Hockey League
Mid-West Hockey League
West Coast Hockey League
Western Professional Hockey League
All American Hockey Association

In addition, I completed NHL sets (including throwbacks and alternate logos), WHA, and Roller Hockey International.  I am also working on Junior Ice Leagues (WHL, OHL, NAHL, USHL, and QMJHL) and Lacrosse (NLL, MLL).  More to follow.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Outdoor Football Leagues

As I was researching and completing the various Indoor and Arena Leagues, I discovered more outdoor leagues.  I had already worked on the WFL and USFL as well as some TB NFL helmets.  Then I found the CFL, CFL USA (one of my favorite sets) and many, many more.  Here is a list of outdoor leagues, including the NFL, that I have completed:

National Football League (including Throwbacks)
American Football League (1960's)
Canadian Football League
World Football League
United States Football League
All American Football Conference
Asian-Pacific Football League
NFL Europe (Europa)
World League of American Football
Professional Spring Football League
Spring Football League
Regional Football League
All American Football League (2008)
Continental Football League (1960's)

Next on this list is the new United Football League in 2009.  I expect that I will do a full post on the NFL, since my work now includes more than just the current helmets.



Thursday, February 26, 2009

List of Indoor and Arena Football Leagues

While working on the Arena League throwbacks, I discovered many other Indoor Football leagues.  So, I began work on those as well.  Here is a list of Indoor leagues that are complete and in my collection

Arena Football League
Arena Football League 2 (AF2)
American Indoor Football League
American Indoor Football Association
American Professional Football League
Continental Indoor Football League
Great Lakes Indoor Football League
Intense Football League
United Indoor Football
Indoor Football League (2009)
Eastern Indoor Football League
Indoor Football League (2000)
National Indoor Football League
World Indoor Football League
Indoor Professional Football League
Professional Indoor Football League
Various Independent Teams

For the 2009 season, we have some new leagues and teams on the horizon.  I hope to have those completed by April or May of this year (after the seasons start).