Thursday, February 26, 2009

List of Indoor and Arena Football Leagues

While working on the Arena League throwbacks, I discovered many other Indoor Football leagues.  So, I began work on those as well.  Here is a list of Indoor leagues that are complete and in my collection

Arena Football League
Arena Football League 2 (AF2)
American Indoor Football League
American Indoor Football Association
American Professional Football League
Continental Indoor Football League
Great Lakes Indoor Football League
Intense Football League
United Indoor Football
Indoor Football League (2009)
Eastern Indoor Football League
Indoor Football League (2000)
National Indoor Football League
World Indoor Football League
Indoor Professional Football League
Professional Indoor Football League
Various Independent Teams

For the 2009 season, we have some new leagues and teams on the horizon.  I hope to have those completed by April or May of this year (after the seasons start).



  1. I've only heard of the first two leagues on this list. I never realized how popular indoor football was.

  2. How does one get these helmet decals. I have a ton of blank oldstyle shells and have been looking for something like this!