Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Football Helmets - WFL, USFL

Let's start at the start, as they say.  I began collecting the old NFL iHOP Gumball Helmets in the early 1970's.  My grandfather would buy them for me when we had breakfast.  Over time, I collected entire sets and played with them.  Later in life, I discovered that you could purchase these great old helmets on Ebay.  At the same time, I was looking for a specific set of drink coasters that had World Football League logos on them from 1974.  I really wanted these as a kid, and never did get them.  They were sold at some gas stations in California and I figured I could find them on Ebay.  As I searched, I started thinking - wouldn't it be great if I could get WFL Gumball Helmets!  

So, I decided to make some.  My first efforts were crude, but over time I got better.  I used various resources, like the VHM Club, Logo Server, and various other helmet history sites to help me make these first helmets.  I ended up with Adobe PhotoShop Elements, which is a great program for this type of work.  I also "met" other helmet collectors via email.  People like David J, Ben J, and Klaus K all helped me do a better job on these helmets.  Once I figured it out, I started on other Football Leagues - USFL, AFL, Arena, and many, many others.  I will add a complete list later.  For now, here a a few photos of sets I have completed to date.



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  2. I need to buy a few hard to find gumball helmets

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